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by ! (robotherpes)
at October 2nd, 2005 (03:15 am)


Tired of not being able to afford that $50 moto jacket you love so dearly? That 4-row studded belt? Or how about paying for shows? Here's your chance to WIN the item being raffled off on a monthly basis!

HOW IT WORKS- Every month, a specific item will be raffled. Tickets for the raffle item will be determined by how much the item is worth. You may purchase as many raffle tickets as you like. On the last day of the month, ONE lj user will be selected on a 100% RANDOM basis and will win the item of the month!

HOW TO SEND PAYMENT: Payment is sent via paypal (which is the most convenient!) Send payment to: rhinestonecom@Msn.com. Please be sure to:

  • indicate the paypal payment as "quasi-cash"

  • paypal to "rhinestonecom@Msn.com"


    WHY? This is NOT a scam. I have over 180 POSITIVE feedbacks on ebay (just to let you know I'm legit.) Search for user "vlcevlrtue" and you will see my feedbacks. Every month, one person WILL win the item of the month. All the extra money will go to the next month's auction. There is absolutely NO profit for me- and you'll probably ask why do I do this? I do this because I KNOW what it feels like to "never win anything." I know how it feels to be the kid who never guessed how many jelly beans were in a jar, the kid who never won the pie eating contest, and the kid who never won a raffle! I do this out of my spare time to make someone's month- and it could be YOUR month to win a fantastic prize!